Monday, July 27, 2009

A L3mming's blog...

Just thought I'd start a blog for sharing those "wonderful" Ph.D moments. It will mostly feature some developer findings, XeLaTeX experiences and other life moments that might be beneficial to others.

I guess I should introduce myself a tad... I mainly work on Digital Processing in my Ph.D (or Ph.DuD as I like to call it) using C/C++. I enjoy the Number Theory in my work and the challenges in learning new stuff. I work in Windows and Linux, though I prefer Linux when not gaming.

I have written a scientific visualisation tool called DGV of which I just recently released a new version and hope to release my Ph.D code after its submission.

My wife is expecting our first child in about a month and my 3 years limit (out of 3 1/2) for my Ph.D ends around the same time so It should be very interesting lol.

Well I hope to keep blogging regularly, perhaps fortnightly or as things come about.

Shakes - A L3mming

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