Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Font Survey...

I have recently been looking into Opentype fonts that I can use with XeLaTeX and in my thesis.

The first nice option is Minion/Myriad Pro combination (see previous post), but the fonts aren't open... just free for personal use. Another nice option is the Cambria/Cambria Math but there might be licensing issues since they require MS Windows on the Machine.

The free fonts with equivalent metrics to common fonts are another good option. There's a list of other free fonts also. Matching maths used to be a problem with XeLaTeX, though now the mathspec package makes this easy by allowing one to mix and match symbols and fonts together with simple commands (as shown in previous post for MnSymbol).

OpenOffice has some nice fonts install too... FreeSerif and Nimbus. Charis and Gentium are also good but don't have Small caps support. Fontin has won alot of praise but didn't blow me away. Asana Math doesnt have Italics.

I'm not satisfied by the current choices for math symbols either. Latin Modern (XeLaTeX default) math is nice, MnSymbol is ok and Cambria is very nice but not free.... sigh... the search continues.

Shakes - L3mming

EDIT: Some more great links to font list.
Great set of GNU fonts is availble at ADF Fonts too. I'm looking forward for the official Science Publication Fonts.

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