Saturday, August 15, 2009

NTTW - The Number Theoretic Transform Library

I have just released my Number Theoretic Transforms (NTT) C library under GPL v3. I've called it NTTW to match FFTW, a well known Discrete Fourier Transform library. It's functions compute the NTTs using Cooley-Tukey's Fast algorithm. The current release only has dyadic length functions. Prime length functions will be released after I submit a journal paper I've been working on.

NTTW is to be part of a larger library called Finite Transform Library (FTL). You can call it Faster Than Light too. :P This new library will feature other transforms I've been working on in my Ph.D, as well as incorporating FFTW. More news later as I complete papers and libraries.

Shakes - L3mming


  1. What does the W stand for? Wibble?

  2. A few suggestions for NTTW, with a view to a Python wrapper:
    It would be nice to be able to build just with mingw on Windows, i.e. if the QT dependency is just for the test functionality, it could be separated. Same with the IO functions. Basically, if possible, the NTT part should just do the NTT (both dyadic and prime sizes eventually) and testing and IO should be separated.